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All of the special seeing face hole fillers that I've made for you! ;)




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why hello there! I'm Funmonkey64 and I- Ok no, I'm not going to be like every other artist here so lets start over. SUP YOUR BOY MONKEY HERE AND I GOT WHAT YOU NEED!!!! I GOT PICTURES TO FILL YOUR SEEING EYE HOLES!!! Too much? yea I thought so. basically I've been drawing for about a year and feel like I'm descent enough to not make your eyes bleed so I'll be posting some off that. I also sometimes write stories so that cool? right? SO MAKE SURE YOU WATCH ME! WATCH ME! FOLLOW ME WHERE EVER I GO! BE MY STALKER!!!! but-but I'm not serious, don't stalk me. I just said that for a joke. please stop licking my door.
welp... this is what I get for supporting tags... X3
I wont tag anyone this time dont worry! XD

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FIRST QUESTIONS BY :iconrinrose7:
1.) Do you like school?
eeeehhh... Depends on the subject! ^u^

2.) Favorite subject?
Literature... Marine Science... and Leadership!

3.) Milkshakes or Pancakes?
umumumumumumum... MILKSHAKES!!!

4.) Do you like clowns?

5.) What is one thing you promise you would do when your older for the better good of this world?
*eye twitches* too... much... pressure... 9-0
but hopefully design a suit that protects the human body to go into deeper waters and collect subjects by hand!

6.) Do you like these questions?
YE I DO! (\0u0/)

7.) Do you consider me as a friend? (IF YOU SAY MORE THAN A FRIEND I SWEAR I WILL DIE)
you is good friend! *hugs* ^u^

8.) Do you like mlp?
*sarcastic* naaaaawwww! not at all! I just have a whole Deviant Art page dedicated to Mlp drawing I made! :3

9.) French or Spanish?
I'm canadian so I'm going to say french. :3

10.) Hungry?
yes... ;-;

11.) Star Wars or Lord of the Rings?

12.) If you like to ruin movies do you know how others feel?
no... no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no

13.) If so why dont you stop it (Kinda annoying)?

Next up is :iconnikki-draws:

1: do you have any hobbies other than drawing?
Airsoft... Kayaking... cutting down trees... video games... being lazy... :3

2: shows or movies?
YouTube :3

3: biggest regret
that horrible, rushed story I did a few months ago... please don't look at it.... ;-;

4: weirdest thing that has happened to you?

A kid at my school slapped my face and yelled cheeseburger... :|

5: senpai?
you~ :3

6: what are your kinks?
Them eyebrows 

7: fav meme?
too... many... loved... memes... 

8: what do you like about yourself?
eeeeeehhh... I have my ups and downs...

9: best thing that has happened to you?

Meeting you! <3

10: how do you feel about being tagged?

I love it! ^u^

11: dream?
only at night. X3

12: which celebrity would you want to hang with for a day?
John Mulaney! <3

13: fav game?
All of the Borderlands! (\0u0/)

And lastly :iconpaladin360:

1) do you like school?
eeeehhh... Depends on the subject! ^u^

2) pancake or tacos?

3) do you hate me?
NEIN!! You is one of my favorite... if not THE favorite artists!

4) do you have a pet?
2 doggos... 1 Cat... and a humster...

5)why am I doing this for? DX
Because I tagged you! >:3

6) Favorite season?
FALL!!! Scary Rainbow LJ Emote 
7) Am I annoying?

8)Favorite show or movie?
I used to watch AFV a lot... still do on the rare occasion I watch TV

9) how are you feeling now?
tired... just got back from school... =u=

10) what music you listen to? >.>
Anything! mostly stuff like Billy Joel... FFDP... Timmy Trumpet... and DaVinci's Notebook!

11) coffee or tea?

12) Is my question suck?

13) your hobbies?
Airsoft... Kayaking... cutting down trees... video games... being lazy... :3


Unknown the red nosed changeling!
I meant to post this on Christmas Day. :3
So merry (late) Christmas everyone! Hope you all had fun and got lots of presents! ^u^
Chapter 1: The Orphanage

Little Starspike was asleep in his bed, his blanket protecting him from the cold breeze that wisped through the orphanage; The other colts and fillies already downstairs eating breakfast. The house owner stormed upstairs, clearly furious with the sleeping colt.

“Starspike!” the old pony boomed angrily.

Star fell out of bed, hitting his head on the floor. “Y-yes, Ms. BlueFeather?” He whimpered quietly.

“You slept in again! Useless foal!”

Starspike stood up immediately, shuttering. “I-I’m s-sorry! Nopony woke me up!”

She grunted. “That is not what the others tell me. They said they tried numerous times to wake you! I even put the alarm on your night stand!”

Star looked to his side and sure enough, a ringing bell clock still bouncing around the table. He reached over and pushes the button on the top of the clock. He slowly turned to BlueFeather, who was glaring at him impatiently. “Get downstairs Star…” BlueFeather growled.

Starspike rushed downstairs, hoping there was still food left. But, he was out of luck; the other children were already cleaning up their plates and started doing their daily chores. Star looked down as his stomach growled; he now had to wait until lunch. Star looked up and saw a filly walking towards him holding an apple in her wing.
Star smiled slightly, “hey Sunbeam.”

Sunbeam gave him a friendly smile and tossed him the apple. She was the only pony at the orphanage that was nice to him. “It’s about time you’re up! What took you so long?”

Starspike caught the apple and took a bite. He shrugs. “Dunno. Guess I didn’t sleep well last night.”

Sunbeam rolls her eyes and messes up Starspike’s mane playfully. “Well than go to bed earlier, ya silly!”

“I’ll try!” He laughed. He usually stayed up at night, wishing that the next day some kind ponies would see him and take him home with them. He hated the orphanage. Since they were in cloudsdale, anypony that didn’t know how to fly would fall off. No one knew what happened to them next, the ground was too far down to see. There were also the other orphans. The mare’s laughed and mocked him if he tried to talk to them. The other colts always teased him about sleeping in and being easily distracted by pretty much everything. He’s gotten into a few fights, but he never tried to hit back, he just sat and took every punch until the others got tired or bored.

“Hey!” Sunbeam yelled in his ear. “Didn’t you hear me?”

Starspike shook his head. “Huh? What?”

Sunbeam sighed. “I asked if you’re going to start your chores or do you want me to do it for you again?”

Starspike smiled cheerfully. Today he was in charge of working the garden, making sure the plants were watered, trimming the roses and bushes, and picking weeds out of the beds. It was one of the more enjoyable jobs. “Nah, I’ve got it!”
“Great! Well I should get going. We don’t want BlueFarter to get mad again!” She joked as she walked away.

Star laughed again. “Yea, Cya Beam!” He ate the rest of his apple and headed to the garden. Once he got outside, he went straight to the weeds. As he was just finishing pulling out the weeds, three other children walked up behind him.

“Hey pal!” one of the  called.

Starspike sighed. “Here we go again.” He thought to himself. “Hey, Firewing. Blaze, Scorch.”

The FlameOrphans, the bullies of the orphanage. Star made the mistake of laughing when he first heard their group name. They started pounding on him as soon as he did. That was two years ago and they still give him a hard time.

“Looks like you got the garden job.” Blaze teased.

“Yea. There’s nothing better to do.”StarSpike said, trying to hide his fear.

“There’s always something better. We can show you what it feels like to be an earth pony!” Scorch laughed devilishly
Starspike trembled. “w-what do you mean by that?” He managed to say.

“You’ll see what I mean when we actually do it! It’s not like you have a choice!” Scorch said as she started walking towards Star.

Starspike got up and started walking backwards. “L-Look, can’t I just finish my chores first? I’ll let you beat me up after! I-I don’t need Ms. Bluefeather yelling at me again.”

Blaze grinned. “I think you have a lot more to worry about then that uptight hag.”

“P-Please! I just-” Star began to plead. But it was too late. Firewing had Star by the wing and pulled him violently to the ground. Scorch walked on top of Star and starts tying his wings together. Starspike was thrashing his arms, tears streaming down his face.”S-STOP! PLEASE!!”

“Oh don’t be such an ass, Star.” Firewing grunted. “It’s not like we’re going to kill you!” He then looked at Scorch, who just finished tying star’s wings. “Hey! Get his legs. We don’t need him leaving just yet.”

Scorch laughed and started tying Star’s arms and legs. Star struggled, he knew it was no use, they had him down again. Now he just had to sit and take it. Star closed his eyes and stopped moving.

Blaze bent down to Star’s face and yelled in his ear. “What’s the matter bitch?  Tired already?”

Starspike said nothing. He didn’t trust himself enough to talk without bursting into more tears. Even though his eyes were closed, he could still feel Blazer’s revolting breath clogging up his nose. Star felt sick, he just wanted this to end. These were to only times he wished Bluefeather to be around, she may be strict and short tempered, but she did care for the kids in her orphanage, even Star to a point.

“What should we do with him now, Firewing?” Blaze asked.

Firewing thought for a second, then grinned. “Let’s see how well the new earth pony likes solid ground!”

Scorch flinched. “Are you sure that’s a good idea Firewing?” She asked uncertainly.

“Why the hell not? It’s not like anyone here will miss him!” Firewing laughed grimly.

Blaze started pushing the bound pony to the edge of cloudsdale. Star was terrified. His eyes were bloodshot with terror and his body was shaking violently. He squirmed and screamed. “P-PLEASE! I-IT’S NOT FUNNY ANYMORE!”

“Firewing, I really think this is going too far!” Scorch blurted.

“What? You want to join him?” Firewing challenged. Glaring into Scorch’s eyes.

Scorch stepped back and shook her head. Firewing smirked and cackled. “Good girl. Blaze! Send him off!”

Blaze grinned menacingly as he started pushing Starspike closer to the edge. Star knew this was it, that no matter what he did he would be hurled off his home in the sky. He knew he was a nuisance throughout the orphanage, but he never thought anypony would go this far to get rid of him. He closed his eyes and accepted his fate. He didn’t want to die, he just couldn’t stop it. Blaze gave one more shove to Star’s side and-

Star felt the air rushing through his mane as he fell from the cloud city. He felt oddly calm, as if this is all a dream, that if he opened he would be in his bed with the alarm Bluefeather put on his stand going off. He knew it wasn’t though. He knew he was just thrown off Cloudsdale. He knew that nothing he did would wake him from this never-ending nightmare. Star opened his eyes and looked down at the fastly approaching earth below, twitching his wings as one last attempt to break free from his binds before finally hitting the hard, cold ground.

At first Star felt nothing, just that the wind stopped and his body felt a light pressure underneath him. That pressure soon became more intense. Then it happened. The shock of pain when his left wing crushed beneath his weight, both his back legs bent in an unnatural way. Star screamed in agony, it was the worse pain he felt in his life. He could feel the blood gushing down his back from the tears in his wings and the bone ripping through the skin in his legs. His eyes shrank as he tried to grasp at his legs, but when he bent down, his spine snapped and he fell back down on his side. Star yelled for help, hoping somepony would hear him. His vision started getting blurry, everything around him became a blobby mass of colors and shapes. He swore he could hear a light ringing in his ear, as well as the faint laughter of the other orphan children, mocking him as they have many times before.

Star began to lose consciousness, the world around him got darker and his eyes started to shut. Before his mind gave up on him, he saw, what he though was a shadow, moving towards him. Star believed this to be death, but that was his last thought before blacking out entirely.
Backstory of starspike: Chapter 1
WOO! Finally finished the first chapter of this! I plan on working on chapter two as well but down except to see it in the near future!

Tell me how I did! Good? Bad? How can I improve! ^u^
I'm really sorry I haven't been very active for the past 3 weeks! I kinda... sorta... mighta broke my finger... heheheheh... anyway point is I'M BACK and ready to draw!!


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